Cameras, DVR and Nvr systems

When selecting a camera system, it is good to understand which products are going to give you what you need. Camera resolution maybe more important in some applications than others. For example, simply monitoring for activity may only require an analog camera, where High Definition (HD) may be required to view the details that analog just cannot provide.

Analog vs. Digital (HD)

The simplest answer to this question is based on quality. Of course everyone wants the best quality they can buy for their budget but here are some insights to help you make your decision easier. What is your application?

If you have a small shop or looking for a basic system to just have the capability to have some archives, remotely monitor your business for performance, productivity and prevent your business from suffering in cases of fraudulent activities, you may be better off using an analog system. Also keep in mind that not all analog systems are created equal, you must pay close attention to what you are buying and research the products you are buying. Ask the company for a demo, their client list and how long they have been using their system. Sterling Security Systems offers only the highest quality cameras and DVRs. Our camera systems have been successfully installed it at many retail stores, Law Enforcement, apartment and storage facilities and more. With a good DVR system, you are able to also deploy to multiple locations, manage all your locations from one central area, including viewing your locations live and retrieving recorded videos from any location. Please keep in mind that since video files tend to be large in file size, internet bandwidth will be a key issue. So if you like to have some HD cameras monitoring your entrance/exits, cash registers and areas of high concern, you may do so without having to purchase an entirely NEW SYSTEM and operating TWO systems at once.

On the other hand, you may be a financial institution or a jewelry shop, where detail matters. Since analog systems are not able to provide the detail provided by HD cameras, in these applications, HD cameras are the premier choice. Great quality HD cameras, paired with the quality NVR will give you the perfect surveillance system. For example, you may use 1080P HD cameras with our NVR system, and split the NVR into over a hundred different focus areas.

Aside from that, for larger organization, multiple sites and more than 16 cameras per location, the HD cameras would make perfect sense.