Installation Services

Most alarm systems are connected to a central station facility via ordinary telephone lines. Burglars are more educated than ever, causing a disturbing increase in the number of alarm system communicators rendered "voiceless" by the simple cut of a phone line; so much so, in fact, that some police departments have begun to send letters to residents and business owners warning of this escalating threat.

Sterling Security attacks this ever-increasing peril by using cellular transmission systems. These systems can transmit intrusion, panic or fire alarms to the central station via the airwaves, so there's no need to be worried about phone lines being inoperable, whether due to telephone company problems, or a deliberate attempt to compromise your security by severing your link to help from central station personnel. For our customers who desire the additional security a backup means of transmission can bring, we have found this type of transmission to be reliable and cost effective for signal transmission.