Alarm Screens


Alarm screens are insect screens specially designed to work directly with your security system. Your existing window screen frames can be used, or new ones made. Then, very fine wires are woven into the fabric of the screen that act as sensors - if a wire is cut, the alarm is activated.

To prevent removal of the screen, a switch is concealed in the screen frame. Any attempt to remove the screen will activate the alarm system so you'll be alerted before the intruder is inside your home! You can sleep with the windows open, and know you're safe and secure.

Cameras & Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Designed to deter theft and provide a safer employee environment. We can help you monitor any business in which cash transactions are involved to deter abuses and reduce losses.

Covert surveillance can help you identify and prevent shrinkage and time fraud, because managers are usually working in another area, or gone altogether, when employees commit these types of crimes. To deter crimes, cameras with tinted dome housings can also be installed.

Opening and Closing Supervision

Systems can provide you with detailed information as to who opens and closes your business and when. In fact, we have systems that can even turn your alarm on for the evening at a specific time in case your employee forgets!

Pet Sensors

Sterling Security uses only dual technology (not dual-element) motion sensors which incorporate both passive infrared and microwave technology to offer maximum reliability and rejection of false alarms. In addition, our pet immune sensors "ignore" small to medium-sized pets (including dogs up to 100 lbs. and several cats in one household) but detect an actual intruder.

Unlike the old methods of "masking" a sensor to limit its coverage, these sensors can actually "see" the pet in its area of coverage without mistaking it for a burglar.

Alarm screen door - Keep the fresh air in and the burglars out!
Smoke and Heat Sensors

Most people have at least one battery operated smoke sensor in their home. As a rule, one smoke detector should be placed outside each sleeping area with a minimum of one detector per floor, though requirements vary.

However, if you do not have a monitored fire system, who will hear the smoke alarm when you're not home? Who would call the fire department before your pets or possessions are destroyed? With a monitored system from Sterling Security, we will.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors help prevent your home or business from freezing, overheating or both. If the furnace fails during cold weather, or the air conditioner conks out during a heat wave, a temperature alert tied in to our central station will warn you in time to avoid loss of property.

If you are away on vacation, Sterling Security can notify a friend or relative you designate so they may respond before the pipes freeze.

Water / Flood Sensors

These sensors sound an alarm and transmit a signal to our central station when they detect water on a horizontal surface. They can be used in the basement near a washing machine or water heater, and the drain pans of your heating / cooling system.



Alarm Key Pads
We offer a variety of unique alarm keypads that can be controlled in-home or wirelessly.

Window & Door Alarms
We offer various intrusion detection systems like door alarms, window alarms and more.

Motion Alarms
We evaluate houses on an individual basis to provide custom motion alarm solutions.

Glass Break Sensors
Protect your windows from burglary with a glass break sensor window alarm.

Cellular Backup
No landline? No problem. Sterling Security Systems cellular backup provides second-layer protection.

Wireless Security Sensors
We have the latest in wireless home security sensors. Explore how we can wirelessly detect and monitor movement in your home while you’re away.

Wireless Panic & Medical Alarm Systems

Secure your senior family members with 24/7 medical alarm systems. Our home security systems can provide warning of dangerous environmental threats 24 hours a day.

Monitored wireless smoke detectors can outperform conventional smoke detectors. You should consider them an essential part of your home security system.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Our fire alarm monitors protect your loved ones.

Our home security systems can provide warning of dangerous environmental threats 24 hours a day.

Monitored wireless smoke detectors can outperform conventional smoke detectors. You should consider them an essential part of your home security system.

Water Alarm

Protect your home with water leak detection systems.

This valuable protection alerts homeowners when water enters an area or if water levels in a specific area are over a certain depth.

These sensors help prevent extensive property damage—especially when your home is unattended for any period of time.

Homes with a water heater or sump pump should include these sensors as a part of a home security system

These alarms are designed to send a signal to the Sterling Security Systems home security system monitoring center when smoke is detected—we’ll alert authorities

These alarms are active 24 hours a day, regardless of whether your home security system is armed or not.

You may qualify for an additional homeowners insurance discount for monitored smoke and fire detection